I Was Consistently a 7 Figure Earner in SaaS Sales, But I’m Not Built for the 5AM Club. These 3 Simple Tactics Helped Me Get Up in the Morning.

I am not naturally a morning person, but I love being a morning person.

If you struggle w/ getting out of bed, try these:


Option 1: Put your phone on the other side of the room.

→ This will force you to get up to turn off your alarm or remove the temptation to look at more email or social media before going to bed (or if you wake up in the middle of the night)

Option 2: Place something meaningful near you as the first thing you see.

This could be your workout clothes, a journal, or a new book you want to read. This will make your intended habit more automatic or remind you about your “why I need to get up now.”


Download an alarm app, like Kiwake, that forces you to get up.

→ These alarm apps require you to get out of bed and do things like take a picture or complete an easy puzzle game before the alarm can be turned off. Once you do that, you’ll be way less tempted to climb back into bed.


Get a WHOOP and use the built-in Sleep Coach and alarm.

→ This is a really cool alarm that will allow you to wake up at an ideal time of your choice:

1) An exact time

2) After your ideal sleep amount

3) In the “Green” (meaning an optimal recovery state)

I have used all of the tactics above and haven’t hit the snooze bar in 3+ years.

I’m personally using and loving the high tech option using my WHOOP as a sleep coach. In fact, it’s helped train me to wake up naturally in my ideal wake time.


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