I Sold $70K Online in 60 Days as a New Creator Using Only LinkedIn and a Newsletter. Here’s How.

Many people will benefit from (and buy) your knowledge if you have the courage to share it and the right system to monetize it.

It’s never been easier to launch a creator business and start helping others, while getting paid handsomely for it (even if you’re working a 9–5 job). But it takes patience and a quality process to do it right.

Here are 5 simple steps you can use ↓

#1 | Get Started

Begin by asking “what big challenge did I have 2–3 years ago that I overcame and could easily talk about now?”

Knowing where to start is the biggest blocker I see from other performance-based knowledge workers. For me, as a SaaS seller, I was able to elevate from hustle culture and explode my earnings from $200K to $1M+/year as a W2 employee. That became my focus.

#2 | Get Consistent On One Platform

Once you have your focus, it’s important to go and share it in a single place every day.

Too many aspirational creators try to be everything to everyone on every platform. BIG mistake! For me, my audience of fellow strategic SaaS sellers were most active on LinkedIn, so I showed up there every day at 8:25am ET to share my knowledge.

#3 | Gather Data and Feedback

Just because you show up and share, it doesn’t mean it’s resonating.

Early on, you want to start writing about what interests you. Over time, it’s important to understand what’s making an impact. I did this in two ways: 1) Looked for consistent questions/themes in post comments and DMs, and 2) Offered free mentoring sessions to gather real-time feedback.

#4 | Productize Your Knowledge

With insights and valuable feedback in hand, turn it into an easy-to-build (and easy-to-buy) info product.

Your top performing posts (Shield is a great analytics tool for LinkedIn) and your most-repeated questions become the outline for your first product. Keep it simple (like an ebook) so you can launch quickly and gather further feedback. For me, it was helpful to share it first for free to a few hundred early “VIPs” to gather input for improvement and early reviews.

# 5| Diversify Your Distribution

Once you build a strong following and loyal tribe on your chosen social platform, invite them into a direct distribution channel.

For me, that meant creating an email newsletter where I could share additional insights and free resources that reinforced my knowledge and promoted my product.

You can become a full-time creator with the right system.

Use the 5 simple steps above to get there.


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👋 Welcome! This is where I publicly share the personal operating system I used to go from earning $200K to over $1M/yr without burning out in SaaS sales.

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Brandon Fluharty 🐝

Brandon Fluharty 🐝

👋 Welcome! This is where I publicly share the personal operating system I used to go from earning $200K to over $1M/yr without burning out in SaaS sales.

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