I launched and sold over $55K in digital products and services in 4 weeks. Here’s how I did it.

Use the 3C Pillar Framework to Launch Your Own Online Creator Business

The typical path to entrepreneurship for most performance-based knowledge workers (like successful SaaS salespeople — hey, that’s me!) is to become one of these:

  1. Startup Founder
  2. Consultant
  3. Coach

Although highly lucrative, none of these were particularly appealing to me, primarily because I would just be trading one hamster wheel (working for someone else in the corporate world) for a new one (trading time for dollars, plus managing all of the headaches of a small business owner).

So instead, I blazed a new trail.

I purposefully wanted to put constraints on myself that forced these things:

  • Protect my TEA (Time, Energy, & Attention)
  • Focus on long-term thinking
  • Scale my impact

So I used the 3C Pillar Framework.

This means I focus on designing my creator business using:

  1. Content
  2. Community
  3. Connection

The beauty of this framework is that it becomes a flywheel to support one another.

When I ship good content, I can drive people into my community, and when I connect with someone, like in a mentoring session, I learn about new content ideas that solve their challenges…and so on.

In addition, each pillar provides a nice roadmap of both free and paid options that drive one-time and recurring passive income streams and supports my why (the constraints outlined above).

Lastly, these pillars were a light lift while I was still employed in my full-time job as an active seller, making it easy to get to launch while I had a steady pay check and benefits.

I launched my first product on March 7th and within 4 weeks I was able to generate $55,234 in sales with $0 in advertising and minimal startup costs.


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Brandon Fluharty 🐝

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