I Built My Creator Business Using Principles I Learned at Apple

Brandon Fluharty 🐝
2 min readMay 16, 2022

Since 2016, I’ve spent a lot of time inside Apple’s four walls.

After generating $60M+ in SaaS business, a lot of it with their help, I’ve launched my own creator business.

Here are 6 ways I’ve built a 6-figure online business in 69 days by modeling Apple.

Principle #1: Protect your margins.

Growth is cool.

Profitability is sexy.

Have both, and you become a juggernaut.

Make sure your products are putting real cash in the bank.

Principle #2: Design premium products.

Apple designs premium products.

People love using premium products.

People talk a lot about premium products.

People stand in long lines for premium products.

Principle #3: Diversify your product mix.

How much of your revenue comes from a single product?

Apple has done a stellar job of transforming to a services business.

They’ve created an ecosystem that is very sticky.

Allow your products to be gateways to recurring services.

Principle #4: Have a distinct point of view.

What does your business stand for?

Apple drew a distinct line in the sand when it focused on consumer privacy.

It was good business.

Don’t just focus on features and functions.

Create a movement and watch sales soar.

Principle #5: Use values to guide your decisions.

When things get tough, how do you make the hard decisions?

Whenever big changes are necessary, they are always guided by values at Apple.

With a set of core values in place, you’ll be able to act with ease.

Principle #6: Launch products on consistent cycles.

Most online entrepreneurs launch haphazardly.

Apple consistently releases new products every fall and spring.

This drives:

• Anticipation

• Consistent purchases

• Predictable content schedules

TL;DR: The 6 principles from Apple to guide your online business:

→ 1: Protect your margins

→ 2: Design premium products

→ 3: Diversify your product mix

→ 4: Have a distinct point of view

→ 5: Use values to guide your decisions

→ 6: Launch products on consistent cycles

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