I Almost Quit My Job to Become a Full-Time Creator With 10K Followers on LinkedIn. I’m Glad I Didn’t & Stayed Patient. Here’s Why.

Back in August of 2021, I surpassed 10,000 followers on LinkedIn.

I got excited and figured it was time to break out on my own and become a full-time creator. I built out a strategy document and booked time with Justin Welsh, the expert in helping creators build and monetize their audience on LinkedIn.

We walked through my plan, and Justin was very helpful in providing sound advice and giving me solid takeaways from the conversation — in fact, 10 very specific ones.

The biggest takeaway however, was what I didn’t want to hear…I wasn’t yet ready to make the leap to full-time creator.

I had the mindset most to-be creators have, which is the classic “if I build it they will come” (or more appropriately, “if I share it, they will buy it.”). A lot of the flawed thinking I had in my plan was assuming I could command a high-dollar service offering. The hard truth is — no one would care! (or too few for the numbers I needed).

The big transformation in my thinking was to stay the course with a long-term plan and keep delivering free value to grow my tribe.

Had I launched too early with a big ticket coaching offering, I would have been met with a lot of disappointment and would have abandoned my content strategy too early before I even had a fighting chance.

Here were four golden nuggets I walked away with:

  • Entertainment gets you found
  • Education hooks the audience
  • Consistency keeps you relevant
  • Good products get you paid (a lot)

I stayed consistent with posting quality content focused on the top things I learned were important to my audience (those comments and DMs are a goldmine).

9 months later, I launched my first product (an ebook) and confidently made the leap to full-time creator with a larger audience (30K+ followers) and a system I can leverage for growth.


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