How to Make 7 Figures a Year in SaaS Sales in 7 Steps Without Constantly Hustling and Grinding

Brandon Fluharty 🐝
3 min readMay 8, 2022


I’ve earned an average of $1.17M a year as a W2 employee in the SaaS space for the past 3 years using this 7-step system.

Before you can do it too, there are 3 necessary truths to earning 7 figures a year in SaaS sales:

  1. You must sell to large enterprises
  2. You must have experience selling to said large enterprises
  3. You must have the patience to endure long sales cycles

Once you have this foundation in place, you are in a strong position to begin making life-changing income while operating at a life-altering level.

Here’s the proven 7-step system to earning 7 figures a year in SaaS sales:

STEP 1: Get in the right environment to close huge deals

To earn 7 figures, you need to be in a 7 figure earning environment, which takes a combination of the right company, culture, and comp plan.

STEP 2: Be super strategic about your ideal target account list

To stay motivated and energized during complicated deal cycles, you need to make your account list more meaningful to you.

STEP 3: Break through perceived personal limitations

To connect with C-Level executives you need to see imposter syndrome as a healthy sign vs a wall blocking you from success.

STEP 4: Create a standard no one else delivers

To reduce the competition on your pursuits, you need to level up inside the prospect’s org every time by knowing their customer experience better than they do.

STEP 5: Build a transformation mindset

Selling transactions keeps you in the 6 figure earners club, while helping prospects buy a transformation graduates you to the 7 figure earners club.

STEP 6: Rally others to close deals with you

Be a generalist with your skills, but a specialist with your outcomes. That takes getting others to help you close massive deals.

STEP 7: Develop your own personal operating system

Amateurs hustle, pros grind, and G.O.A.T.S. apply systems. Be a 🐐.

There’s way too much to unpack here in less than 300 words.

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