Doing The Deep Work Is What Helped Me Excel in SaaS (And Retire Early From It)

Working in SaaS is broken today.

Too many confuse “busyness” for hard work.

  • Going from one Zoom to the next
  • Slacking with teammates all day long
  • Living in your inbox responding to prospects

That’s just being busy.

Anyone can be busy.

Being busy = replaceable.

Top performers, on the other hand, do the deep work, which is hard:

  • Diving deeper to understand their prospects
  • Thoughtfully allocating their time & energy
  • Focusing on high value activities

Hustlers are busy.

The G.O.A.T.S. are joyfully hard at (deep) work.

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Brandon Fluharty 🐝

Brandon Fluharty 🐝

👋 Welcome! This is where I publicly share the personal operating system I used to go from earning $200K to over $1M/yr without burning out in SaaS sales.