Constantly hustling landed me in the hospital and stalled my earnings. Then I sold $50M in 4 years without burning out. It was all because of this 1 simple change.

Brandon Fluharty 🐝
2 min readApr 30, 2022


I had a mini-stroke when I was 31 because I was constantly hustling and grinding as a salesperson. I also stalled my earnings at $200K per year.

The catalyst to changing the way I operated was adopting a “Human First, Professional Second” approach using design thinking principles.

I learned when I prioritized my health and happiness, it naturally made me a better sales pro and accelerated my results.

Start by asking yourself these two simple questions:

  1. What motivates you? (The thing you want)
  2. What are your priorities? (The things you need to do)

With clear answers to what drives the life you desire (not what others are demanding of you), you can build a personal operating system that consistently achieves success and satisfaction using these 3 design thinking approaches:

#1. Define your theme

Resolutions are tough to keep and goals can limit us, but a theme keeps us focused on our personal North Star.

Keep it simple and focused on a specific time frame (i.e. 12 weeks at a time). The formula is “I aspire to {what motivates you} + by doing this {your priorities}.” Example: “I aspire to consistently close transformational deals with Fortune 100 brands by ensuring I leverage my time on high-value activities, keep my energy high by getting proper rest, and keep my attention focused on my plan vs comparing myself to others.”

#2. Define your principles

Companies do this well. We need to do the same as individuals if we want to properly support our theme.

Create a list with two columns and create a handful in each category that make sense for you: Conceptual | Tactical. Example: “Conceptual: I am always authentic in every engagement. Tactical: I do not consume caffeine after 12pm because it negatively impacts my sleep at night”

#3. Define your operating model

To execute consistently and bring your ideal life to fruition, you need to stay on track every day with a good operating model.

I love using frameworks to stay on track because they help me to make decisions when I get stuck. Example: I actually have 3. Check them out and feel free to steal them for yourself HERE.


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