4 Tools That Boosted My Sales Results By 34% (And They Have Nothing To Do With Selling)

Brandon Fluharty 🐝
2 min readMay 19, 2022


By being a better human, I became a much more effective seller.

I was an active strategic seller for a prestigious Artificial Intelligence company from 2018–2022. In my first 24 months I generated $11M in annual recurring revenue (ARR). In just 10 months starting in 2020, I was able to generate $14.1M ARR by optimizing around the 3 precious resources of Time, Energy, and Attention (TEA).

Here are the tools I used to elevate my performance across each one:

1. Timeular

Understanding exactly where your time goes helps you protect and prioritize it.

Timeular makes it simple to track your time using a cute, diamond-shaped device that sits on your desk and connects easily to an app on your computer or smartphone via bluetooth. I have 8 core tasks on each side of the cube, and when I flip it on that side β€” it starts tracking that task. I use the reporting to hone in on where exactly I spend my time each day.


Having all the time in the world means nothing if you don’t have maximum energy to give full effort to your priority tasks.

WHOOP is a sophisticated wearable you wear on your wrist that unlocks key insights about your health (sleep, strain, and recovery). I used WHOOP to improve my sleep and hone in on behaviors that helped me perform better in front of clients β€” like reducing caffeine in the afternoon and eliminating wine in the evenings.


Understanding when to do something is just as effective as what you do.

RISE does two things amazingly well β€” helps you manage your sleep debt and align tasks to your natural energy peaks and dips. It even has a calendar integration so you can plan your days by energy level. For example, I know exactly when I need to work on a strategic proposal during my peak creative time using this feature.

3. Sunsama

Time-blocking your calendar is the best way to direct your attention on key activities that drive deals forward.

Sunsama helps by integrating your calendar, email, and tasks (from Notion, Todoist, and tons of other apps) so you can orchestrate your days in a more strategic way and work more calmly. It even shows you when you try to plan too much in a day β€” something I struggled with for years!

4. Be Focused Pro

Completing deep work is essential to moving the needle on any strategic deal.

Be Focused Pro makes it easier to focus by helping you utilize The Pomodoro Technique, which is to immerse yourself on a solo task for 25 minutes before breaking for 5 minutes. This timer does the work for you so you can stay focused on what’s important and keep fresh with frequent breaks.

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