3 Dead-Simple Frameworks I Followed Each Day to Close $27.3M in Annual Recurring Revenue in Less Than 4 Years.

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3 min readApr 30, 2022


Over a 4 year period, I closed 14 transformational SaaS deals with 11 of the world’s largest brands…all w/o sacrificing my health and wellbeing.

What most people don’t know?

The key to success is having a good system.

I use these 3 dead-simple frameworks each day.

Framework #1: Find your rhythm with DFC (Discipline + Flexibility + Curiosity)

DFC is a great way to support anything with a start, middle, and end (like a single workday, an important meeting, or an entire sales engagement)

Let’s use a meeting as an example.

It works like this 👇

→ START: Be DISCIPLINED like a world-class ATHLETE.

Why? They know exactly how to prep themselves to perform at an elite level.

Try this: Instead of stressing over what will happen over an entire meeting, only focus on delivering a great opening to crush early jitters.

→ MIDDLE: Be more FLEXIBLE like a creative ARTIST.

Why? They know how to get in the zone and adapt on the fly (like an improv comedian)

Try this: Instead of focusing on what you are going to say next in the presentation, become present in the moment and actually listen well.

→ END: Be CURIOUS like a renowned SCIENTIST.

Why? They aren’t guided by emotion, they experiment using data to make things better.

Try this: Instead of making assumptions, ask questions like “what went well?” and “what could have been better?” to improve for next time.

Framework #2: Protect Your TEA (Time, Energy, and Attention)

We all have finite resources of limited time, energy, and attention.

It works like this 👇

I constantly ask these 3 simple questions:

  • “Is this a good use of my TIME?”
  • “Do I have the right ENERGY for this?”
  • “Does this deserve my ATTENTION?”

Today, these questions are like second nature to me and snap me back to focus if I go down an unintentional path (like scrolling aimlessly on social media).

This was not always the case, so I set hourly reminders with these 3 questions to nudge me in the right direction.

In addition, these tools and tactics help keep my TEA full:

1) Use The Pomodoro Technique to stay focused and fresh

2) Track my time using Timeular

3) Track my sleep and recovery using WHOOP

4) Optimize my energy using RISE

5) Time block using Sunsama

6) Keep my head clear using Todoist

7) Track my performance using Thrive Space

Framework #3: Deliver excellence with PREP (Plan, Rest, Effort, Perform)

PREP helps me operate at an elite level consistently.

It works like this 👇

  • Plan (do this the evening before)
  • Rest (then relax, recharge, & rejuvenate)
  • Effort (give 100% on on my most important task in AM)
  • Perform (measure how well I performed at end of the day)

Note: 2 of the 4 pillars start the day before.

Voila! Happy thriving!

TL;DR — Using the 3 simple frameworks of DFC, TEA, and PREP will help you:

• Find an optimal rhythm in every situation

• Protect your precious time, energy, and attention

• Deliver elite performance consistently w/o burning out

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